WEST HILL BLOG No. 52 Infrastructure improvements

Several big infrastructure jobs are being carried out at the moment, (all achieved with minimal expense) & all to improve access, for WESC learners & others in the future.

The new steps that were constructed in October, have now been updated with chicken wire added to the steps to prevent slippage & a hand rail added, 

Non slip steps

New hand rail

The bridge is being improved by adding 3 inches of stone. This will make the surface easier to walk / drive across. 

Laying black Mypex to prevent any weeds from emerging

Laying the stone

Log being dragged into place to form edge the bridge

Volunteers Steve & Don help to build the bridge

Path rolled

Next job is to drain the land in front of the bridge. Digging the trench & finding the right gradient was the challenge.

Filling trench with grit & perforated pipe ... hopefully this will drain the moisture into the pipe, then into the brook