WESTHILL BLOG No. 49 Tree Circles

Tree Circles

Over the course of the summer the appearance of the meadow has changed for the better. With a monthly mowing regime & improved drainage, the dominant plant species Juncus effuses (Common Rush) is on the decline & replaced with the more pleasing to walk on Grass. 

In addition to this, the selection of trees that punctuate the meadow are being tidied by removing the strong growing grass & docks that encircle them with a neat mulched circle.

The mulch is important as it;

- reduces competition from other plant species
- retains moisture
- feeds the plant
- gives the tree more air flow which is important in reducing bacterial & viral diseases
- improves the trees appearances

The Sweet Chestnut was in a rather poor state
... strangled with couch grass, chicken wire & bramble

This old Chestnut. Black Mypex originally used to suppress weed & clearly not working

Looking better

Final job, mulched with a coat of wood chippings

Malus Red Sentinel mulched & looking tidier

The fruit trees, weeded & mulched