WEST HILL BLOG No. 44 Tree Circles

Today there were three of us in the garden. Two new volunteers, Rachel & Steve who with great enthusiasm helped in the improvement of the Jungle Garden. So called because of the Jungle like foliage of the Trachycarpus Palm, Phormium, Ferns & Bamboo's; the Jungle Garden will eventually be a space full of dramatic foliage with architectural forms & dynamic flowers. 

As with all areas of West Hill the ground is a wash with Creeping Buttercup, Dock & a multitude of other weeds that need to be cleared before planting starts.

Today's job however was to tidy the Trachycarpus Palm & Phormium, then apply a thick mulch of bark chippings

The second job was to mulch the Liquidamber, a fine tree grown for it's Maple like foliage & stunning autumn colour

Weeding under the Liquidamber

The finished article

Thanks to my cheerful volunteers Rachel & Steve