WEST HILL BLOG No. 37 Planting starts

Planting begins ...

June has predominantly been planting ... 

West Hill was fortunate enough to be the recipient of £ 2000 from the Greggs Foundation for the planting of the Sensory Garden. The plants arrived in May, packed tightly into a van from the wonderful Manor Farm Nursery Nr Banbury.

Planting didn't start proper until early June as it was imperative for the ground to be prepared. The Ground preparation has been constant over the last 14 months & has involved systematic digging & weeding 

Planting the Sensory Garden with perennials which will provide colour throughout the summer & autumn. 

The colour scheme in the central bed is magenta, blue yellow & silver. Perennial grasses have been placed around the paths so to that learners to provide some tactileness 

Planting finished a couple of weeks ago, with the exception of Asters. 

However with the lack of rainfall, the job in hand the main job has been watering.

The big challenge has been rabbit attacks. 
Rabbits dig up root balls, nibble plants & in some cases annihilate them.

Over one evening I lost 5 plants, so have had to take direct action & fence in the border.

The future plan will have to be secure the whole garden with rabbit fencing & gates


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