WEST HILL BLOG No. 35 Christmas has come early ...

For any gardener, one of the top jobs is planting. After what has felt like a very long, cold & wet winter & spring, the opportunity to start planting could never come soon enough.

Plant Delivery

That said, the temptation is always to plant immediately, but with the very nature of the ground conditions at West Hill, stony, claggy, & weedy, it was necessary to spend more time preparing the ground. So more digging, more weeding & more stone collection continued. 

 Although, all planning was initially done on paper, a lot of thought continues right up until the plant is planted to insure criteria such as colour combinations/sustained monthly interest is met, (hence  placing plant pots on the ground before planting, so to picture what the end result will be).

Planting the Woodland Corridor 
A barrow full of Hesperis matronalis, destined for the Woodland Corridor 

There are still several gaps ... as plants need to grow & establish, but there are gaps for plants to acquire in the future when more funding becomes available

When established this border will have reds, splashes of yellow & architectural grasses to give height

A bit more tweaking was necessary in the Jungle Garden, to reduce the number of aggressive Bamboo's 

A bit more space now ... filling in the gaps with Purple Buddleia, Yellow Crocosmia & a yellow foliage Spirea

Bit of a shocking pink, but this Azalea will draw the eye down into the Jungle Garden


 Lots of spaces here at the moment, but all the plants here will grow into giants