WEST HILL BLOG No 33 Planning the borders

A good time has been spent planning the design of the Sensory Garden at West Hill. Putting pen to paper in the cold dark wintery months, I wanted to create a garden which would provide colour, fragrance & tactileness. 

The Sensory Garden is three gardens rolled into one & measures 50m long by 10m wide and takes on a journey through the Woodland Corridor, Jungle Garden & Summer Garden.

Using a wholesale nursery catalogue I selected plants which fulfill the category; easy to grow, like the local growing conditions & provide floral interest for as long as possible. 
So that the design wouldn't be too bity, I decided  each area would have a distinct colour scheme; 

- Woodland Garden; green, white, blue 
- Jungle Garden; green (more foliage plants) & red
- Summer Garden; yellow, red, blue & pink 

Two months later after a lot of pencil sketches & plant tweaking the plant order was put in ... 

In the interim period, the site has to be prepared ...

Remembering what we inherited .... an exceptional weedy site.

The Garden last year ...

The Garden this year .... (looks clean, but under the soil lies a myriad of weed)

so for this reason all the borders have been weeded & dug several times, added to this several tonnes of compost have been added to improve the soils structure. 

Plants are arriving in Mid May ... watch this space for planting


  1. Hi "Greenfingers"
    I saw your Ad whilst going in to help in Cowick St. & decided to read more! Just wondered if you had put down terrainium matting under the soil first - or old carpet remnants to suppress the weeds?
    Love what you've done already!


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