WEST HILL BLOG No. 29 In the Bleak Mid Winter ...

In the Bleak mid winter,

Frosty morn made snow, 

Earth stood hard as iron, 

Water like a stone

This sums up West Hill this week. Its been bitterly cold, with daytime temperatures around zero, and evening temperatures to -5.

Wednesday was the coldest day, which varied between -5 and zero, but a biting wind for company.

And what have I been up to in such arctic conditions? Dressed like the 'Michelin Man' with 6 layers on, hat, scarf and two a double layer of gloves, its been a case of being physical, so I've been working in the wood (with bow saw & lopper's) & pruning the Hawthorn hedge on the wood's east side.   

The reason for pruning the Hawthorns were, growing in half shade/half sunshine; the plants had become spindly. Cutting Hawthorn back to thicken the plant up will also allows views into the wood.

Boundary of wood, dense with brambles & spindly Hawthorn preventing views into wood

Pruned Hawthorn, which will encourage a denser shrub