WEST HILL BLOG No. 25 Cleaning the Glasshouse

Amid the perpetual persistent rainfall that was Monday, it felt like the opportune moment to clean the glasshouse. Since the West Hill project, little work has happened in there, partly due to its unforgiving mess & partly because of trying to get on top of the enormity of the outside work.

When I inherited it, 11 months ago it looked like this ...


Prior to our involvement at West Hill, the house had been used for Tomato production, and this potentially will be the crop of choice for the future.

Before any thoughts of cropping are had, the house needed a thorough clean. 

Glasshouse production is notoriously difficult when opting (as we are) for organic practice. Crops can easily be attacked by a range of insects, which can overwinter in the glasshouse structure. For this reason it is an absolute necessity for good hygiene & husbandry.

This mornings first job was to remove the bamboo canes, before emptying the grow bags, full of spent soil.

Harry & Cameron removing canes & cleaning up

It was so refreshing, organising the Glasshouse. Throwing away, rubbish, weeding the paths & organising the potting bench, so everything is in its desired place; pots & trays, organised by size, a clean working bench & a sense of order !