WEST HILL BLOG No. 23 Moving the Strawberry Tree ...

Moving the Strawberry Tree ...

It has taken me about 3 weeks to decide where to move the Strawberry Tree to. Decisions of a plant moving nature should never be rushed, particularly for woody plants which if sited well can live for many years.

In my attempt to clear the Sensory Garden of randomly placed shrubs, those worth keeping are moved to more suitable homes. The Strawberry Tree, is one such example. Considering it to be a 'choice' plant, it is grown for it's small pendulous flowers followed by yellow to orange strawberry like fruits & will eventually became a statuesque small tree.



Fruits  (not to be eaten)


My dilemma regarding its location stemmed from its requirement for a sunny sheltered aspect (which is limited at West Hill) & the need for it to be visible, but at the same time far enough away that learners cannot reach to the Strawberry like fruits. Despite it's name, the fruits are not strawberries & should not to be eaten.

My final decision was to place it at the back of the woodland border corridor where it is visible from the path and would eventually provide height & a backdrop to a more colour at the front.

Moving the Strawberry Tree  
(it looks quite small in the picture, but in practice it required a Herculean effort to get it in the barrow)

Final planting


Arbutus unedo (Strawberry Tree); is actually in the Rhododendron family and is a native of the Mediterranean.