WEST HILL BLOG No. 19 The Challenging bit ...

 The challenging bit ...

Any new garden project has the tendency to be back breaking. No difference at West Hill, where the digger has departed and its down to one man and his barrow and a mountain of weeds!

The challenge we have is to convert the 'field like plot' into the Sensory Garden.

In order to prepare the area for planting, the soil has to be clean (by that I mean weed free, aerated (the opposite of compact) and empty of foreign objects (plastic, compost bags, rocks, concrete etc).


The big challenge are the weeds, and the very worst of the weeds;  Cow Parsley, Creeping Buttercup, Couch Grass, Symphytum & Stinging Nettle by the barrow load.


As with any of these pernicious perennial weeds every tiny piece needs to be removed. Even something as small as this 5mm length of root will grow back.

One blessing is the soil is fertile; How do I know that?  Nettle is an indicator of fertile soil, and aside from that it is very friable. 

So the plan is to dig the plot, probably three times over the winter to ensure as much weed is removed as possible. 
At the same time, a narrower path has been dug out to form the Grass Path. Not a path made from grass, but a stone path that meanders through medium to tall grasses which provides the tactile element to the Sensory Garden.

Digging out the Grass Path