WEST HILL BLOG No. 18 Start of winter, apparently ...

Now that November is upon us, one would be correct in thinking Autumn has now passed and Winter is here us. Certainly light levels are lower and temperatures dip a bit overnight, but no frost and the changing colour of the leaves gives the impression of autumnalness.

It always brings a wry smile to my face when it is asked; as a Gardener, what do you do in the winter? are long amounts of time spend sipping tea in the potting shed? On the contrary, winter is often the busiest time of year, when projects happen.

West Hill is one large project and although the an active pace has been maintained through spring and summer; winter is the time where ideas can be achieved.

And what are my ideas?

1.Completion of path & hard landscaping in Sensory Garden /      Woodland & Jungle Garden
2. Tree and shrub moving; getting plants in the right place 
3. Maintenance of trees & shrubs (mulching/staking/pruning) to ensure healthy growth  
4. Preperation of vegetable garden for next year
5. Preperation of Sensory Garden for next years planting