WEST HILL BLOG No. 21 The Struggle continues ...

Backbreaking, strenuous, challenging are the three words I would use to describe the preparation of the Sensory Garden!

As discussed before, the ground is full of the worst weeds; Nettle, Couch Grass, Bindweed, Cow Parsley & Comfrey. In preparation for planting, every last morsel
of weed needs to be removed to prevent regrowth.

Roots of Bindweed 

More bindweed


My current challenge is preparing the left hand side of the path; 

which I have found to be blessed with two even worse weeds; Celandine & Creeping Thistle (together with more builders rubble).
 The plan is to remove the majority of shrubs (which are riddled with weed) and those in worthy condition re plant elsewhere, then cover the ground in black plastic for 6 months. This will kill the remaining weeds, ready for rotovating & planting in May 2018