WEST HILL BLOG NO. 13 Fruit tree work ...

August very much seemed to be a month of rain punctuated by a few nice days. Up at West Hill where the water table is high, all activities depend on the weather. 

Taking advantage of nice days, work started on tidying up the mini Orchard; comprising of apples & pairs.

Removing the rolls off black plastic originally laid to suppress weeds, the underlying soil was compact and damp, which in fruit trees can encourage bacterial and fungal invasions.

 Allowing the soil to more freely interact with air is important as it increases air movement around the base of tress, thus reducing the risk of infection.  Later in the season, the trees will be given a healthy dollop of farm yard manure which will add nutrients to the trees, thus improving next years growth and fruit crop. 

On Wednesday, Louis (with assistance by Ken) came up to help weed around the singular planted apple trees