WEST HILL BLOG No. 9 DCC Apprentices help out ...

(Original written on 9th June)

At last Summer has come; a week on from facing slippery mud & persistent dampness,  the ground is now drying up & I am facing heat exhaustion!

The week started off in a promising way with the assistance of 14 Apprentices from Devon County Council. From a variety of departments (civil engineering, accounts, building etc). Two significant jobs were completed.
 Braving the hot sun, one group painted the office, which gives it a cleaner tidier appearance. 

The second group, worked in the cool shade of the Forest & Goat Willow Copse; jungle busting. More Brambles were cleared under foot in an attempt to provide a clean (ish) space in which to diversify the ground flora; by that I mean native Snowdrops, Narcissi, Primroses, Bluebells, Wild Garlic.  Once the competitive thugs that are Brambles have been cleared, & more light allowed in, less opportunistic plants can be established which will provide greater food & habitat resources for insects, mammals & birds.

Along the lower forest boundary, dead trees & lower plants were removed to allow light into the forest, & to provide visual access from the darkness of the forest to the lightness of the willow copse.

Removing brash from the Conifers

On behalf of WESC, I would like to give a huge thanks to the team from Devon County Council; you made a huge difference.
I would also like to thank the generous donation of paint & paintbrushes from Buildbase.

The Devon County Council Apprentices

Newly painted Office