WEST HILL BLOG NO. 8 Digger work ...

I have always found diggers enormously helpful tools in garden improvement. They are so versatile; good for landscaping, digging out drains, removing stumps & moving soil. The last couple of weeks I can happily report that progress has accelerated by hiring a 1.5 tonne digger & dumper.
The plan was to rid the site of Mypex, a black plastic membrane use to control weeds, though had broken down and in doing so, had allowed significant quantities of Nettle, Bindweed, Hogweed, Ground Elder & Grass to establish. 

Having the machines on hire for 7 days, it was a race to get everything done, though working systematically through the areas; much was achieved.

Looking towards the future BBQ area, this bank was uneven & full of builders rubble. I graded the bank, removing the rubbish, adding soil & created a gentle slope which will eventually be sown with grass seed.


in the Woodland Corridor, I levelled the ground, removed unwanted plants & plastic membrane & dug the line of the path.

The Jungle Garden was dense & full of creeping bamboo which prevented easy access. Like all areas, there has to be enough space to navigate a wheelchair, so unwanted plants were removed and tree stumps dug out.


There is now a natural corridor which will allow a 1m path. Either side more 'jungle' like plants will be added. 

Part of the future 'Sensory Garden' was graded so that it flowed into the Jungle Garden. By removing, tired shrubs, stumps & old tangled fencing, one can literally see the 'wood for the trees' thus allowing a greater opportunity to be creative. 

In the future, this will be a really exciting area that exhibits plants that provide the full sensory experience of Taste,Touch, Smell, Sight & Sound

The area without a name (adjacent to deciduous woodland) initially, was very wild, unlevel & full of rubbish

Spending a day there with the digger, has transformed it into a level more manageable area ...

That said, I discovered the soil is the heaviest & wettest clay, not suitable for my original plan of a grassy area. I am now more inclined to plant the area up into a small native copse.... watch this space!

Other digger work included Bramble clearance 

And the removal of black Mypex Plastic that covered the Gunnera