West Hill continues to flourish amid this weeks varied weather. We've had everything from balmy temperatures in the 20's to hail, strong winds & what felt like a months rain in a day. That said work continues at a steady paste.

Indoor work included the sowing of pricking out of some 'choice' herbaceous perennials which will be used to plant in the woodland corridor. I will often refer to the word 'choice', which refers to a really special plant & something that may rarely be seen. 

Plants include the wonderfully named Stylophorum lasiocarpum, a yellow Poppy, which I am growing as unusually for a Poppy, it thrives in shade.


Tellima grandiflora; a very useful ground cover with vanilla scented flowers that also grows well in shade


Other pricked out plants include; Digitalis (Foxgloves); white & golden forms, Agapanthus & Penstemons.

Trying to 'beautify' the borders at the entrance, a mixture of inherited Lychnis, Echinaceae, Catmint & Purple Leaved Penstemons were planted once the soil had been improved with a good dollop of well rotted farm yard manure. 

A big thank you to the students of Exeter College, who pricked out the remainder of the bedding & worked in the forest ... more to follow in next weeks blog.