At last May has arrived with the warmer temperatures and the feeling that at last summer is here. May is such a beautiful month in the countryside with new leaves emerging, hedgerows full of colour & early flowers emerging. 

March & April were unusually dry here, though this didn’t seem to reduce the growing speed of the forb (herbaceous flowering plants), however April is historically a month of sunshine & showers, both necessary for new growth.

April 30th; heavy rain .. Hoorah !! as a Gardener this makes me happy as I know, plants have been stressed through April, as the soil was dry & the trees particularly, which need huge volumes of water will now be able to continue producing leaves & flowers.

The main job of the week was thinning the Forest, by that I mean remove dead & weedy trees that have been out competed by stronger growing trees.  This will allow shards of light to penetrate the forest floor & make it more inviting & accessible. Dead branches that surround tree trunks have been removed to make access through the trees far safer. We can now see the wood        for the trees ...

Trees before pruning

Trees after pruning

You can now see the wood for the trees! 

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