Progress so far ...

With assistance from a group of volunteers & regular assistance from our very own Dylan Cheshire, work is proceeding in the right direction at West Hill.

The landscape is full of brambles, dead wood, broken fences & debris, so much of the first 6 weeks has entailed 'Jungle Busting', having fires, removing fencing & rubbish

 Removal of dead wood, fence & path by team from Michelmore's Solicitors

Other jobs have included cleaning the polytunnels so they can be used to grow summer bedding

Mean while ... many bonfires have been had, sometimes 3 a week to get rid of the debris

So much more clearance is necessary ...

The plan for the site is;

Phase 1; Removal of dead branches, timber & rubbish. Heavily reduce Bramble colonisation

Phase 2; Undertake landscaping that will provide hard pathways suitable for wheelchair access to some of the site / improvement to drainage & digger work to make site easier to manage

Phase 3; Continued development to include improvement to Fruit Garden, planting of Sensory / Jungle Garden etc.

One of the Polytunnels is currently used for the production of summer bedding & in the future, each of the tunnels as well as the two glasshouses will be used to produce plants  for sale

A Landscape Management Plan has been written to suggest future projects & how best to achieve them.