WEST HILL BLOG No. 41 Hedge restoration

Much of the summer has been spent restoring the Old Willow hedge that runs through the middle of West Hill between the meadow & the forest.

Over a number of years the Willow have grown into trees & being a 'short term species' with a tendency to collapse, many of the trees had fallen on to conifers & preventing any access.

With this in mind, I took the decision to coppice the hedge. This means, cut the trees down to the base & allow to grow up into a thick hedge which can be cut with a hedge trimmer. 

The other advantage of cutting the trees down is to let light & air movement into the forest, so other native species can be planted. This in turn will encourage more wildlife. 

Collapsed Willow trees along forest edge

Volunteer Peter cutting some of trees down

Annabel removing some of the low branches

Woodland Ferns can now be seen in the lightness

A slightly clearer view

Work will continue into the autumn, with a view to planting this corridor with Hazel, Field Maple, Spindle, Wild Rose & Honeysuckle in the winter